QR Codes for Kids in the Classroom

Give your students a competitive edge

with SmartPhones™

Give your students a competitive edge with SmartPhone task cards. These cool SmartPhones allow students to learn new skills on their own and self check their work by scanning a QR Code. They receive instant access to the answer as well as helpful information on how to solve the problem. These are an awesome tool for any grade level and students and teachers love them.

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I am really excited about having the opportunity to share information that I use with you in hopes that you find the information useful as well.

Helpful Tips

Task Cards

When creating Task Cards, make sure to complete all of the fields on the form including your e-mail address, both labels, and the message box. This will ensure successful creation of your Task Card and a great learning experience for your students!

QR Codes for Learning

Share information with students that will help them to learn new concepts or practice existing ones all while working independantly or with a group. There are many types to choose from and more are being added weekly!

Create, Print, Share

Create, print, and share your SmartPhones™! These are great because they are reusable. Reduce printing and allow the students to use the SmartPhones™ during independent or group study times.